About Human Design

Human Design is a coded system that visually shows you the design (mechanics) of your energy that you were born with (i.e. your human design chart). Once you understand the what the pieces of the chart are showing you, you can appreciate the uniqueness of each person including yourself!

Knowing your Human Design is actually a living experiment. You don't have to believe anything - learn and see how your energy interacts with others - maybe things will become clearer once you have this awareness. It teaches you to make the decisions that are right for you and is not meant to put people into categories.

Human Design is based on your birth date, time and location (which you need to generate your chart) and the information gathered from the Hindu Chakra System (Centers), Chinese I-Ching (64 Gates), Astrology (planetary positions), the Kabbala (Channels)  and Quantum Physics (Neutrinos).

Robert Alan Krakower (1948-2011), known as Ra Uru Hu and the founder of Human Design brought this information to the world. His original recordings (audio and video) and written material can be found at www.jovianarchive.com. He taught many students and they in turn have also passed on the information to others.

Example of blank Human Design Chart

Example of blank Human Design Chart

Human Design Resources

www.freehumandesignchart.com  for your free Human Design Chart
(you need to enter your birth date, time and location)

If you need charts/Info in other languages please go to:
www.geneticmatrix.com (affiliate link) or

Mobile phone: Human Design App.
(not sure if available in all countries or for iphone)

You can also look and see on the internet if you have any Human Design Specialists near you that can generate and look at your chart with you.

Other courses by Karen Curry Parker:
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There are also a lot of free webinars on the internet by Karen Curry Parker
(not exclusively Quantum Human Design (TM)):
+ Quantum Alignment Show
+ Podcasts 
+ Clubhouse

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www.humandesignstore.com also sells books on Human Design.

Artificial intelligence has also arrived, see under humandesign.ai

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