Denise Reichmuth - Projector/Orchestrator

Human Design (now Quantum Human Design) came into my life in 2013 after leaving the corporate world. Through Human Design I found a new vocabulary to help understand and explain the uniqueness of each human being.
It was a suprise and a revelation and in a way a relief to find out that I am a Projector Type.

I am curious about energy as applied to living beings and how we can be more in alignment with our uniqueness and nature including our self healing abilities and use of our consciousness and the quantum field.

I studied with Karen Curry Parker and have taken the professional Human Design Trainings,
Level 1-4.

The amount and depth of information in Human Design inspired me to create a book of the basics with color images and color coding for easy reference. I created it with beginners in mind wanting to learn how to read their chart and as a guide to refer to for those that are already familiar with Human Design. I find visuals helpful for easy reference and so this is a very visual and colorful guide and inter-active, so you can make notes on the page and personalize the book.

My goal is to help make Human Design more accessible and well known and help people be able to understand and explore their Human Design chart and know how to make decisions correctly for themselves according to type.

I believe it is time for people to really realize how important and unique they are just by BE-ing on this planet.