28th May 2024            Why this book?

                                      Whilst I was studying Human Design, I wanted to have a book with all the basics of the chart for easy
                                      reference with lots of images and color coded to help me remember. Along the way I thought that 
                                      maybe others could also benefit from the information and hence the book came into being.
                                      The book is interactive and has pages where you can fill in what applies to you. 
                                      It has a lot of images and graphics so couldn't be produced as an e-book.

9th February 2024

Will Center Gates and anatomy

I was asked why a different part of the body is shown for each of the Gates on the Will (Ego) Center?
This is because for the other centers all the Gates are for that particular part of the body.
The Will Center is an exception in this respect.

Images copyright 'Born Unique' book

23 May 2023
Book now available

I'm happy to inform you that the book is now published and available for purchase.
I designed the book to give readers an overview of Human Design without diving into too much detail. Please see 'Where to buy' section for table of contents and a short video.

Mainly so those of you new to Human Design can decide whether this is something you want to explore further and if not, you have a good idea of how to read and understand your Human Design chart.

The book has lots of color images and is color coded to help remembering key elements. There are also pages for you to note down what applies to you based on your Human Design chart.

For Amazon Kindle the book has too many images so is only availabe as a physical book.
Please do leave a review if you do get the book, as it helps others in making a decision. Thank you!

2. Mar, 2022

Here is the first Quantum Human Design Ezine for 2022 for you to read online: https://quantumhumandesign.com/quantum-human-design-ezine-february-2022

10. Jan, 2022

If you are a parent or interacting with children, I suggest you check out Aypril Porter's new book.

5. Nov, 2021

Recent Human Design Books to read without needing Human Design knowledge

22. Feb, 2022

I have been informed by my publisher that the print file of the book is incorrect and that some book copies might have been ordered and sent out with wrongly...

17. Dec, 2021

The book is now released and available - whoo hoo!

13. Sep, 2021

Being released into the world on 15.